Providing tailored supports for purpose filled lives. 

Direct Care Staff - Full Time
Direct Care Staff - Part Time
Personal Assistant - Full Time
Personal Assistant - Part Time

Our employees must complete comprehensive pre-employment background checks, including:

* The Family Care Safety Registry (Missouri) - $13 fee, do not register until you have been officially offered a position.
* Past Employment References
* Drug Screen
* State Disqualification Lists for Adult and Child Abuse
* Criminal History
* Motor Vehicle Record

Documents Needed for Employment
* Valid Driver’s License
* Proof of Vehicle Insurance
* Certified High School Diploma, GED or equalvalent
* Two positive employment references
* Social Security Card or Birth Certificate (upon hiring)
* Sign DMV Record Consent
* Family Care Safety Registry approval

Note:  All emplyees must have a valid driver's license and a insured vehicle at all times. 
            If you use your vehicle while working you will be reimbursed for your milage. 


Open Positions

Click position title to see job description and requirements. 

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